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Mat Sleeve Tote Bag with Pouch Ink Maltese

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The print of our hand-block printed Mat Sleeve Tote Bag is named for the Maltese cross stitch, a geometric embroidery technique said to have originated in Armenia and brought to the Kutch region of Gujuart, India, by traveling traders. 

Roomy body with plenty of space for yoga accessories and retreat essentials plus an outer carry sleeve for your beloved mat.  Ink Maltese Mat Sleeve Tote Bag is printed in dark gray-black on white and is fully lined. Includes a matching zip pouch plus a decorative tassel like those seen on the camels of Rajasthan’s great Thar Desert.  Orange detail.

the making
Block printing is a multi-step process requiring skill and patience. This textile technique is believed to have originated in India, and is traditionally passed from one generation to the next. Master carvers trace a design motif onto a wood block then tap the design into the wood to guide chiseling a relief pattern. Fabric is pre-washed then pinned in place on a long printing table.  An ink master mixes color and skilled printers block print ink to cloth, slowly and meticulously repeating the process along the fabric length to create beautiful, unique textiles.  The printed fabric is then heated to set and bond ink, followed by washing and pressing before cutting and stitching.  Imperfections including ink density and block alignment are characteristic of this ancient printing method.

details & care
-14” x 24"L; extra-side wide opeing; bottom measures 17.5"L 5.5"W x 24"H
-zipper pouch
-100% cotton
-machine wash cold, line dry
-bag & tassel made in India
-ships within 48 hours via UPS ground


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