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Yogini-Maker! Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"

Product image 1Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 2Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 3Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 4Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 5Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 6Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 7Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 8Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 9Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 10Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 11Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 12Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 13Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 14Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 15Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 16Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"
Product image 17Yogini-Maker!  Handpainted Framed Drishti 3"

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Aritist and long-term yoga and meditation practitioner Helene Cotton created these unique handpainted framed drishtis to encourage moments of sweet reflection.  Inspired by nature, time, possibility, perspective, emotion, landscape, and the concept of spaciousness, each is a unique original watercolor and ink drawing in a 3" x 3” brass hexagon frame.  They're lovely on an altar or placed as a focal point in a meditation practice, or combine a few to create an intentional, visual wall cluster.  Titled and signed by Helene, arrives festively wrapped for gift giving.  Choose from:

Coiled: Life is a cycle that began before we arrived and continues after we are gone. The ouroboros is a coiled snake eating its own tail, willing the cycle to continue. The coiled snake is often thought of as a symbol of wholeness while the concept of the serpent asks us to think about transformation and how we can flow into change with grace and continuity.

Entwined: There is no way to separate out these two threads, they are interconnected...like all of us to one another, like all the creatures and flora of our ecosystems, like all of our societal systems. Let this little piece be a reminder of how many things/ideas/people are entwined together.

Five Elements: This watercolor and ink drawing was inspired by the five earth elements: water, air, fire, earth, and ether. When slicing an apple horizontally, seeds are arranged in this manner...apples are considered magical fruits to eat in ritual because they represent all the elements in this way.

Float: This drishti is a mood:  picture leaves floating serenely on the surface of a pond, bobbing gently with the ebb and flow of the current.  Water is a sacred element, invoked in most spiritual practices;  it's nourishing, life-bearing, cleansing.

Going Inward: This lovely drishti encourages taking an inward journey inward where the mysteries are many and the truths revealed only by listening to your own inner teacher.

Heart of the Lotus: What do you find at the depth of your journey? As the lotus petals of your heart unfold, what will they reveal?  This piece honors the heart of the lotus flower that blooms even in murky water, a symbol of rebirth and spiritual awakening,

Keep Perspective: A cube within a hexagon within a hexagon. This piece encourages considering perspective:  How does a hexagon become a cube? What other ways do the edges of things blur and shift with perspective? Knowing this, can we keep our perspective more easily?

Keep The Flame Lit: The huge, mountain-side prayer wheels of India's high altitude desert state Ladakh inspired this drishti. Set in motion by worshippers, turning a prayer wheel accumulates merit to help all beings in the world and to purify karma.  Part of a meditation practice, prayer wheels are often spun for hours on end.

Light As A…: The world can be very heavy sometimes (especially these days!). How can we make it lighter for ourselves? How can we channel the breezy, light, feathery, movement qualities of air?

Nautilus: This ink and marker nautilus is like a study in time unfolding, each of its compartments growing larger as the animal inside grows over time. The folding and unfolding pattern touches on the concept of “deep time,” that is, time that is outside of our frame of reference, time that sees the comings and goings of geological features over aeons, time that makes our human experience very small and very short in comparison.

Observation: "Look, and look again," as Mary Oliver wrote. The time of day, the quality of light, our own emotions, all bring something new to the experience of seeing.  Rather perfect for an observant meditation practive!

Reach Out: It’s natural to journey inward on the quest to know yourself, but as social creatures, it’s important to reach out too. Becoming a part of your community can ground you. Reach out your tentacles.

Simple Arch: While trying to manipulate shapes using a simple arch, this sweet flower emerged as a study in letting go and seeing what creates itself.  This is the perfect drishti for a reflective writing practice:  meditate on its spontaneous creation, then reflect on your reaction as a journal entry. 

Wind: This feather floats, navigating the air.  Is it possible to depict something invisible, like the air?  Does it necessitate depicting how another object is affected by the element in order to see it? And what does this mean for other “invisible” qualities in our lives?  Could we see them if we could see the effect they have on other people or things?

Rainbows and Hearts: Lighten the load of your heart with this playful drishti. Discreetly contained within is the "fermata", which in musical notation is depicted as a little semicircle over a note and usually denotes a pause of unspecified length. Observe this as a reminder to pause and tend to your heart with lightness and sweetness.

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