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Yoga Strap 9' D-Ring Orange with Pouch

Product image 1Orange Yoga Strap
Product image 2Orange Yoga Strap
Product image 3How to Use a Yoga Strap
Product image 4How to Use a Yoga Strap
Product image 5How to Use a Yoga Strap
Product image 6How to Use a Yoga Strap
Product image 7How to Use a Yoga Strap
Product image 8How to Use a Yoga Strap

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D-ring yoga strap in vibrant chattra orange assists deepening and lengthening poses including shoulder openers and forward bends such as Prasarita and Paschimottansana. Also provides arm stability and alignment in dolphin, plank and Pincha Mayurasana. 

Why orange?  Orange is significant in many spiritual practices, especially those of India. In the Hindu faith, orange, or saffron, represents fire, symbolizing the burning away of darkness and ignorance to bring light. It also represents the pursuit of knowledge. Sadhus wear orange, deities are painted orange, the orange marigold is used in celebrations and puja ceremonies . In Buddhism, orange/saffron is the color of illumination. The turbans, flag and ceremonial attire of Sikhs are often orange, a color representing joy and bliss and community connection; Sikhs also believe that orange absorbs the bad, enabling us to let go of what holds us back.  Just a few of the reasons we love a bit of orange in a yoga or meditation practice.


-1.5" x 9 feet
-steel D-ring buckle
-100% cotton
-zip pouch
-strap made in USA
-pouch made in India


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