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Here's a few of the sweet things people are saying about their chattra yoga bolsters and meditation cushions.  Yep, we're blushing.  You'll find more chattra customer accolades as you shop product pages...and remember to add your review...we love your feedback!
bolster love

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"best bolsters ever"    l love chattra's bolsters! I have had many different brands but all had something not quite right for me. chattra bolsters have it all right for me. They are not too hard and not too soft. They are not too full and not too flat. They are perfect for my yoga practice while helping me feel super relaxed as they are so comfortable. My favorites are: the pranayama bolster - which I use under my head and when I lower my arms as I am lying on the floor and need support before my hands touch the floor -- and the oval bolster which has just the right amount of loft for me when I do sitting practices.

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"great pranayama bolster!"    Love ALL chattra products! Have many! This bolster is the correct size for my body and it’s so pretty, it lives on my bed as a decorative pillow when not in use! 🙏💗

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"I love my zafu"    I received the zafu as a gift and after I got it I didn't wait a week before I purchased the zabuton and the pranyama bolster. chattra makes the most beautiful, quality made, comfortable, and useful bolsters. The fabrics are exquisite. They are useful for restorative poses, for meditation, and for supported poses. They are tools that have helped me in recovering from spinal fusion surgeries. They have made something very painful, more attractive and fun. They truly are beautiful and I am a lifer! They are a small business with a lot of soul and love put into the products.

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"exquisite"    I have used these in my restorative yoga classes for over a year now and they still seem brand new. They are gorgeous, firm, and well made. chattra (imo) is the top of the line bolster.

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"perfect counterbalance to 2020"   I decided to treat myself to a full set of bolsters and zafu this year as I was missing my weekly restorative classes during the early stages of the COVID pandemic. My shipment was damaged in transit, so I reached out to Ann. The customer service was amazing. She promptly shipped out another complete full order to me while she worked on the issue with UPS. The customer service alone was enough to impress me, but the quality of the bolsters and workmanship blew me away. My yoga loving friends have all been impressed with the quality and they’ve really come in handy as I moved into private lessons with my favorite yoga teacher.

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"best zafu"  
I’d tried out this exact zafu a few months ago when I was attending a Reiki certification class. I’m always on th lookout for things to help make my meditation more comfortable. This zafu is so much better than other cushions. It holds its shape well, is comfortable to sit on, does sink in during meditation, is pleasing to look at and is very good quality/craftsmanship. No regrets! 

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"amazing difference"  This (zabuton) cushion surprised me at the amount of support and comfort it adds to my meditation practices! I can’t believe I have been meditating so long without it! Highly recommended!!! Use it along with your zafu cushion!

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"love this beautiful cushion"   I absolutely love this zabuton! It's beautiful, well made, and so so comfortable! It will take meditation to the next level. I also love the process in which it was made and the meaning and history behind each chattra product. Very inspiring!

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"beautifully crafted"  
This zafu is a work of art--lovely fabric and so beautifully crafted. Fine seams, uniform tufting, sturdy yet soft fabric. The bottom has a lid-like flat that zips open (with a zipper in a charming contrasting color) for easy access to the filling. The filling itself in in its own linen casing, also crafted with care for a perfect fit. Beautiful products.

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