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:20 Yoga Nidra, Savasana Sequence, Pranayama Bolster Practice & more...scroll down to view the chattra asana and meditation video collection

feeling the foundation
Try your zafu and maybe even pranayama bolster to get rooted in your meditation seat comfortably. Then enjoy a 10 minute guided meditation with Margi.

soothing prop practice
Stay in each pose 3-10 minutes and invite long smooth breaths. It is helpful to have a timer. 

modifying to meet camel
Meeting Ustrasana:  chattra pranayama bolster assists Rebel Human’s Jenny Harrington in back strengthening, chest opening, muscle stretching camel asana.

tension releasing seated boxing meditation
Jenny Arrington of Rebel Human puts her arms into a 5-minute tension releasing breath practice.

how to sit primer
This short video with Jenny Arrington of Rebel Human reminds us how to sit, creating a pelvic tilt for comfort, support, length.

quick mind, body, breath reset
For all the essential workers out there who could use a little support! Reset your body, breath and mind with this short video from Nikki Estrada. 
centering yourself
This short video is to help you feel strong and centered before your start your day or for a moment of pause any time. With simple techniques and affirmations for support and strength from Nikki Estrada.
end of day exhale
For all the essential workers or anyone who could use support to let go at the end of a stressful day from Nikki Estrada. 
meditation on breath
Join master teacher Nikki Estrada for 8 minutes of deep prana work with this meditation on breath.
one hour silent practice
The postures will be called out along with the corresponding number of breathes. A great flow for the student who has been practicing for a while and is looking for a strong and deeply meditative flow.
meditation for a clear mind
Join yogini Brett Larkin for :15 minutes of guided meditation for a clear and calm mind.
meditation to connect with highest self 
Join yogini Brett Larkin for :20 minutes of guided meditation to connect with your highest self...calming, composing, clearing.  Enjoy!
nadi shodhana - purifying breath practice
This video tutorial of balancing, calming breath technique includes tips on modifying if pregnant or with high blood pressure, how to sit, mudra application, breath retention. 

sitali pranayama - cooling breath practice

Soothing, cooling sitali pranayama video with variations on how to invite cool air into your body plus guided practice…excellent before bed, after asana practice, when seeking calmness.  

savasana while pregnant 

Brett Larkin suggests and demonstrates best practices for enjoying savasana throughout your pregnancy, including using bolsters and cushions for safety and support. 

Yoga Nidra: deep yogic sleep

Yogini Brett Larkin offers :20 of guided Yoga Nidra, deep yogic sleep. Restful and recalibrating, this practice is great before bed or anytime during the day for relaxation and to balance your nervous system. Your body, senses and energy will be very grateful!

best yoga poses for pregnancy

Yogini Brett Larkin shares her favorite asanas for pregnancy. 

props primer

Which prop when? Yogini Jillian Bobowicz provides an overview of chattra prop styles and suggests practice use

zafu & zabuton meditation cushion inspiration

Yogini Jillian Bobowicz demonstrates how to use your chattra Zafu & Zabuton Meditation Cushions for Sukhasana (seated pose) and other asanas

sweet savasana

Yogini Jillian Bobowicz offers a gentle sequence for settling into sweet savasana

5 minute meditation

Take a break...yogini Brett Larkin shares a five-minute guided meditation. 

how to sit

Yogini Brett explains how sitting can help your pranayama practice. 

Pranayama bolster sequence

Yogini Jillian shares her favorite pranayama bolster inspiration.

yoga bolster sequence

Restorative and supported asanas using the chattra Oval (or Round) Yoga Bolster.

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