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Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya

Product image 1Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
Product image 2Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
Product image 3Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
Product image 4Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
Product image 5Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
Product image 6Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
Product image 7Zafu Meditation Cushion Himalaya
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We named chattra Himalaya Zafu Meditation Cushion in honor of the Himalayas, in Sanskrit Abode of the Snow. This massive 1500 mile long mountain range crosses India, Buthan, China, Nepal and Pakistan, profoundly shaping the climate and culture of the Indian subcontinent, with many of its peaks considered sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.  India’s holy Ganges originates in the Himalayas:  Hinduism believes this most sacred of rivers was held safely in Lord Shiva’s hair then gently released so as not to disturb mother earth.  

Pigment printed in blue-gray-white; detailed with chenille flower top, embroidered sides. Accented with illuminating orange, a color significant in Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh faiths, and festooned with a lovely tassel.  100% cotton cover and liner; adjustable buckwheat hull fill contours to the body.  So lovely you won't want to put away your chattra meditation cushion.

perfect for
-pelvic tilt and spine alignment for enhanced prana flow
-seated meditation comfort in lotus and virasana
-lower back lift in setu sarvangasana
-foot support in halasana
-knee support and weighted belly comfort in savasana
-support in supta baddha konasana
-pair with a chattra zabuton for leg & knee support and added comfort

details & care
-14” diameter x 5.5” high
-6 pounds
-100% cotton cover and liner
-access to fill for height adjustment
-zip closure & carry handle
-hand wash/line dry cover; dry clean for best results
-inner cover spot clean
-covers & tassel made in India
-USA buckwheat hull fill
-hand finished on order, ships within 48 hours via UPS ground


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