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manipura, third of the seven chakras

The seven chakras are "wheels" or energy centers within the human body. Each one is like a conductor or storehouse of...

wait it out…yogini Kate Douglas writes about her struggle with meditation

Meditation. It has been the bedrock of spiritual practice for centuries. My grandmother, a former catholic nun, would...

svadhisthana, the sacral chakra...second of the seven chakras

The seven chakras are "wheels" or energy centers within the human body. 

the first chakra: notes on muladhara plus a practice for stability and security

The seven chakras are "wheels" or energy centers within the human body. 

cultivating space for the body, heart and spirit…an asana for moms-to-be (and everyone else!)

As a prenatal yoga instructor, I connect with countless moms-to-be on a weekly basis. 

"She Recovers" founder Taryn Strong on recovery and the healing powers of yoga

When we are in active addiction – whether to one or more substances, to people or to certain behaviors – we are dis...

befriending your monkey mind

It is very likely that you have been in a yoga class and the teacher referred to the “monkey mind.” 

creating a morning meditation ritual

Whatever your yoga practice might be, and whatever stage of life you are in, I highly recommend creating a morning ...

the heart lives in trust; a chakra post and practice

Valentine’s Day inspires thoughts and actions of romantic love. Love, in many spiritual traditions, is a much more u...

how vikalpa prevents sankalpa — chattra blogger Nikki Estrada's thoughts on realizing the Yogi’s resolution

Many of us commit to a “New Year’s Resolution” only to find a few weeks in we are back to our old habits. How can yo...

nourish, replenish, satisfy: self care Rx from chattra blogger Nikki

The confluence of two important events in my life revealed to me the importance of self care.  They were: 6 years ago...

creating ripples: the work of the yogi — thoughts from yogini Nikki Estrada

As a yogi, I feel immense dedication to the art and science of yoga. For thousands of years, the ancient seers have ...
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