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Sacred space: tips to creating & participating

Across cultures and throughout history there exists countless references to a divine force that is regarded as sacred, a force entitled to reverence and respect.  The range of approaches used to create a space to meet this sacred force are equally as vast as the philosophical and spiritual traditions they are a part of. 

Our planet is rich with both exquisite and humble places of worship in public and private realms — churches, mosques, shrines, temples, a room or nook in a home, the base of a tree or rock, even on the dashboard of a car.

Regardless of where a sacred space may be, the intention tends to be the same: to aid connection with the Divine and act as a landing pad of sorts for this epic power to enter our lives more fully.  The energy within a sacred space is commonly refereed to as therapeutic - encouraging a sense of wholeness to those who enter and participate with it. 

If you’re considering creating and participating with a sacred space of your own, here are a few suggestions to support your effort:

-Clarify purpose…ask yourself if the intention is for this to be private or public and for what purpose -- yoga, meditation, reflection, to honor a particular deity

-Select a location that works…find a location that you can get to regularly and easily, which helps with  showing up and participating with the space

-Clear and cleanse…there are many techniques to clearing the energy of a space - some examples are to use incense or sage sticks or bottled plant essence

-Consider light…across traditions light is used as a symbol for the Divine. There are many ways to add light to your space, including candle and fire

-Set intention…to more deeply align with and infuse your space with intention, consider using a mantra or affirmation to repeat when setting up or entering your space

-Include items that support your purpose: a mala, statues, crystals, books, images, prayer wheel, meditation bowl

-Consider offerings...many practices include offering food, money, ghee and other sustenance to the deity their sacred space is honoring or something representative of their consideration

-Be receptive…remain open to whatever the space has to offer, which might even be eventually changing something about your sacred space

photo:  Tamil Nadu, sacred Neem Tree base with clay offerings including Nandi the Bull

About Jillian

Jillian is a yogini based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She leads weekly public yoga classes for adults and specializes in yoga for kids and families. Her studies have led her to complete trainings at YogaWorks, Karma Kids and Yoga Playgrounds. Jillian feels blessed to practice and teach yoga and is particularly passionate about empowering her students with tools to navigate the modern world with ease. 

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