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reflection & intention setting in synch with the moon

The moon is a physical manifestation of the cyclical and ever changing nature of life.  Like the moon, we are also cyclical: we have periods of growth, of learning, of socializing; we have periods of rest and solitude.  We have phases, ever changing: big and small, active and receptive, productive and restful.

Connecting to the cycles of the moon, especially a new moon, is a beautiful opportunity to disengage from the day-in-day-out grind and pace of life.  The moon teaches us that no matter where you are in your life, there is always space to pause, to even begin again.  We can experience a quiet, unassuming celebration of new beginnings every new moon.

When new, the moon’s light is at its dimmest. It’s like a natural summons to turn inward towards our own inner light. It’s a potent time for reflecting on what we need or want more of in our lives.  The following suggested reflections will help you set intentions for this new moon phase.  Grab paper and pen, settle comfortably, meditate a bit, and consider:

How have the past couple of weeks gone for you? How did you feel? How do you feel now on an emotional level? physically? mentally? energetically?

Looking forward to this next lunar cycle, consider intentions you would like to set:

What would make you truly happy, and fulfilled? What is most important to you? What do you feel like you need or want more of in your life? How would you like to move forward into this next month? through your life?

Now, take a moment to write down your reflections and new moon intentions, keeping them nearby so that you can recall and reflect on them as you move through each day. 

Encourage yourself to think of intentions as seeds, once planted they need continuous tending in order to grow. So until your seeds of intention take root, visualize your intentions becoming your reality, and imagine how that might feel, look, and sound. 

Next month, during the next new moon phase, continue to move with the cycle of yet another beautiful new moon, reflecting and setting intentions once again.

Happy New Moon!

28 July 2022


San Francisco Bay Area-based Jenna Maryn Mitchell teaches public yoga classes and workshops and leads retreats internationally. Her teaching style is mindful, empowering, and lighthearted. Her energizing classes emphasize alignment and form to build strength, increase flexibility, and develop more functional movement patterns while emphasizing breath to encourage focus, relieve stress and facilitate deeper states of meditation. Yoga, Jenna testifies, has forever changed her life for the better and she is eternally grateful to be able to share this ancient science of healing and self-discovery.  Find her on Instgram @jennamarynyoga


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