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on my cushion, I attempt to just BE

When my mind is racing and my heart is heavy,

And my limbs are sore and my breath unsteady–

And rolling out my mat feels like a chore,

And penning prose in my journal an absolute bore–


I reach out hoping someone has insight, 

Into why nothing seems to feel right. 

But nobody truly knows what to say,

Because only I know how I’m feeling each day.


It’s on my cushion I attempt to just Be,

And realize what’s holding me back: It’s me. 

I can calm my mind and heal my heart,

And soothe my limbs and even breathe out. 


I grab blocks and blankets and tools to assist me. 

And pair it with the wisdom that I suddenly see. 

I am the guru, 

You are too.


And while it might take a while for you to see,

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.




about community guest blogger Corey Dane

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Corey is a Chicago-area native who remembers unrolling his mat for the first time on a frigid evening in the winter of 2005. His curiosity of Yoga’s ancient roots coupled with a desire to deepen his personal practice, led him to complete the 200-hour teacher training at Laughing Lotus NYC under the Divine direction of Dana Trixie Flynn. Not one to settle down for long, Corey enjoys traveling and teaching Chakra-based Bhakti yoga, focused on waking up energy centers in the body by combining mindful movement, pranayama, mudras, and mantras, in whatever city he happens to be in at the time.

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  • Beautiful and oh so true.
    From one guru to another.

  • Thank you for writing this. It is a great reminder.

    Annette Kramek
  • Beautifully written! This really captures the essence of the reason we practice each day…to remember our true nature and reconnect with unlimited possibility! Thank you Corey and Namaste,


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