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the heart wants what it wants: a poem and a prompt

When we allow for space and moments of quiet to turn inward and listen deeply, we discover the capacity to unearth a fountain of wisdom and creative force that ultimately has the power to transform our lives.

You can spend your whole life listening to the internal and external messages without ever hearing the voice of your deepest desire. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Writing offers a safe outlet to express our hopes and dreams while simultaneously having a direct narrative with our hearts. It encourages us to entertain passionate participation in the creation and unfolding of our life. We learn to see clearly and deeply when we allow ourselves to process our thoughts and ideas on paper. A profound sense of trust and grace expands, and our dreams no longer seem like an unattainable goal. 

We gain insight and begin to understand our aspirations and wants, and orientate life with purpose, awareness, and intention.   This simple writing prompt is offered as a path to insight and understanding:

-If you could create your life to be exactly how you want, what would it look like to you? What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to feel?  What are your aspirations?

-Dare to imagine a life of childhood dreams and present desires coming to fruition – weaving through life and letting love be your guide, dissolving the inner critic, fear, and doubt.

-Make a list of as many things you desire or wish for, beginning with the words, “I want.”  Be as specific and descriptive as you would like to be.

-Write freely EVERYTHING that comes into your mind and heart. If you feel blocked, acknowledge the block and courageously keep going.

Enjoy this pen-to-paper, non-edited response to this writing prompt.  Happy writing!

I want to wake up every morning at 7:00 a.m. well rested with 7-8 hours of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
I want my cat, Jax, who I have attempted to train also to wake me up no later than 7:00 a.m.
I want to sit on my balcony every morning with my mug of warm water and lemon, notebook, and freely write.
I want to read inspiration from Mary Oliver and other poets.
I want to feel the stillness of the morning to mirror the inner solitude within me.
I want to write and read freely with pleasure—void of the urgency or plan to “begin” my day.
I want to have a backyard and a quiet wraparound porch to evolve my morning ritual – the spacious home I can call my own.
I want my little section of earth where the distant hum of the freeway doesn’t exist and the noise of the blower from the landscape company that just pulled up because I got to the balcony after 9:00 a.m. due to another restless night.
I want to write and create freely without the push or pull.
I want spacious days and work that feels expansive and free.
I want to sustain my daily walks and time spent in nature, such as I have since COVID-19.
I want a simple life filled with the joys of all the things I pleasure and promote happiness, peace, health, and well-being.
I want to be free from suffering.
I want all beings to be free from suffering.
I want to live wild, wise, and strong, confident, and to trust my inner wisdom.
I want relationships with deep passion and intimacy, an authentic connection.
I want long slow yoga practices, followed by subtle, still meditation.
I want the melody of chanting to infuse my spirit with inner tranquility.
I want to expand my capacity to love, hold compassion, forgiveness – offer this gift to self and others.
I want to see through a clear lens.
I want to be aware of and connected to the present moment.
I want genuine acceptance.
I want a stable, sturdy base like the trunk of a tree and my branches to flow in the wind.
I want to be flexible, to allow my branches and leaves to fall with the turning of the season.
I want to release and let go of past judgment, pain, and stories I repeat.
I want to trust that in the release, I am creating space and opportunity for new life to develop and birth.
I never want to stop my wonder. To always be Alice chasing the White Rabbit dressed in a waistcoat down the rabbit hole, discovering a whole new kingdom of magic inside – my quest towards my inner knowing.
I want to thrive in health and life but never want to push or exhaust myself to pay the bills or imprint success.
I never want to forget that I am inherently valuable.
I want to always practice and experiment life with bright blue eyes and an open, compassionate heart.
I want to trust in the life intended to unfold as I align with my aspirations and dreams.
I want to be fluid with my passion and purpose in life – always changing, shifting, and transforming.
I want to get my strength from the red earth of Tara, a place to ground and call home, inspire faith and trust.
I want a home on the lake, tucked in the mountains.
I want to roam free and smell the Pines, hear the whisper of the wind, and paddleboard into the sun as it floats towards the horizon.
I want to lead and teach, to be of service to women, young girls, humans, and animals—the environment.
I want to embrace my emotions, turn towards them with a brave heart.
I want to turn irritation into creation.
I want to continue my spiritual journey.
I want to forever be a student, a leader, and to inspire myself and others to un-become to become.


about the author: Bay Area native Dina Varellas is a devoted yogini, nature lover, and prolific writer.  She is a RYT-200 yoga instructor and is a certified facilitator for both The Intuitive Writing Project and The Practice®. Committed to creating a sacred space for young girls and women to find, develop and share their voices, Dina invites students to explore their curiosity, innate wisdom, and creativity through writing, organic practices, graceful movement, palpable stories, vulnerability, and courage.  Spiritual studies, daily practice and Mother Nature balance and nurture her desire to teach, serve and grow.  Find Dina at
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  • I love this! I’m just getting started with meditative writing. Thank you!

    Elisabeth Townsend

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