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Perhaps you've been doing yoga at home these past months, continuing a commitment or beginning a practice.  Spain-based yogini Karina shares a few reminders when enjoying online yoga at home.

To begin, dismiss your ego.  Ignoring your body’s cues, pushing harder than necessary and practicing through pain misses the point.  Yoga is a journey not to be judged.

Find a spot within your home so you can practice undisturbed.  Also find a practice time that you can commit to, and schedule it in your calendar!  This will help you to establish a consistent practice.

Yoga shouldn't hurt; don't push your body through pain.  With no in-class teacher to oversee you, including cues and corrections, it becomes super easy to hurt yourself, often with injuries that can take months to heal.  Be aware of your limits, reminding yourself that your practice is a journey and not the end result.

Learn (or relearn) the basics.  It’s common to feel you're a master at down dog, warrior, even savasana.  But we often learn them incorrectly, and once learned, can return to bad form.  Hand and foot placement, spine alignment, foot placement, shoulder release, twisting, relaxing,  Revisiting asanas, including the basics, can help keep your body safe.

Once in awhile, record and take photos of yourself to help assess your practice. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a trusted teacher for advice and encouragement.

Gift your practice props.  A good mat feels great under your feet and hands, the length of your body and sit bones...all the body to mat touch points.  Blocks, a bolster, a strap, a meditation cushions help create alignment, support and extension. Your practice will be safer, more comfortable, more inspired and more enjoyable.  

Dress comfortably to move freely.  Relax and enjoy.  It’s yoga.


Originally from Latvia, Karina Norton discovered yoga while working as an English teacher in Madrid. Overworked and suffering from stress and anxiety, she found yoga provided her with the peace and relief she had not found elsewhere. Five years ago she took the leap, switching careers to pursue her passion for movement and yoga, eventually completing yoga instructor studies in Goa, India. A stay and work at home mom of two, she teaches from Spain online in both English and Spanish. 

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