one yogi's ode to asana June 28 2018, 0 Comments

My back is sore and my stomach is weak,
Somehow my toes are still out of reach.
Those last instructions you’ll have to repeat.
I’m facing things maybe teachers can’t teach.
Can you tell me how to fortify soul,
Or find deeper wells of strength from within?
What of those places my knees just can’t go.
And fear cul-de-sacs where I’ve never been.
With trust, darling teachers, I’ll follow you
Into arcs, inversions, deep twists and bends.
And maybe with effort I’ll see the truth
That physical means yield spiritual ends.
If you show me the way and give me your hand,
I will be humble and do what I can.

About Richard Levitt


Richard Levitt is a writer, motorcycle rider, martial arts master and RYT based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Richard has always demanded a lot from his body and over time learned the importance of giving back. He began as a competitive swimmer at age eight, became a wilderness backpacker and explorer at 12, a backcountry motorcycle rider at 15, a martial artist at 18 and a yogi at 30. He’s studied numerous approaches and philosophies of yoga, and attended yoga workshops and seminars worldwide. He’s been teaching Aikido for 20 years, and became a certified yoga instructor through Kripalu in 2013, focused on teaching yoga to martial artists and couples, romantic or otherwise.  You can read more of Richard's words at