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four ways to use a pranayama bolster

The pranayama bolster's unique shape lends it to sweeten many of our favorite yoga poses. Below is a little bit of inspiration on a few of the ways this treasured yoga prop can be used in your practice. 

Enhanced Prana


The most popular way to utilize the pranayama bolster's unique shape is to place it along your spine for support and expansion during deep breath practice. The small width and gentle lift allow the chest to relax and open, increasing lung capacity.

Supported Pigeon Pose


Use the pranayama bolster under your thigh during pigeon pose to bring the floor up to you and build support across the front of your pelvis so that you can lie down with both sides of the pelvis evenly dropping down onto the bolster.

Passive Back Bend


Since pranayama bolsters are narrower and shorter in height than more traditional bolsters, they are a great option for a passive backbend. Place the bolster horizontally under the lumbar-thoracic spine while laying in supine to ease tension from all the forward bending as well as promote relaxation for the lumbar. 

Supported Malasana

pranayama bolster

You can add a supportive gentle touch to your malasana squat with a pranayama bolster. Place it so that both your heels and your bum are comfortably resting on the bolster, giving you the room for a narrower squat as well as allowing for a more restorative pose. 

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