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3 ways to use your eye pillow

Yogini Sarah Moody shares three wonderful ways to use your eye pillow to get deeply grounded and calm in your yoga practice.



Tried and true rest: an eye pillow over the eyes in savasana, supta baddha konasana, or any reclined pose. 

What more can be said about this? It's a truly settling sensation to give yourself a little darkness in savasana and other reclining asanas. Your eyes can stop working, they can rest as they move subtly back in their sockets as you drop into rest with clarity and spaciousness.


Lift and scent: Try your eye pillow between your bolster and forehead in supported forward folds. 

A little extra cushion never hurts: add an eye pillow to create space for your nose in forward folds with a bolster. You can also use this asana as an opportunity to meditate on scent and plant medicine by adding aromatherapy to your eye pillow.

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Gentle weight: Have 2 eye pillows?  Perfect! Use as gentle weights for your hands in savasana. 

Cupping eye pillows in your hands during savasana provides a sense of grounding with gentle weight, like miniature sandbags, as you settle into a resting pose.


Sarah Moody is a yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of training in yoga and yoga therapy. She offers therapeutic movement and meditation practices that cultivate spacious awareness for the hectic, modern life. Learn more about Sarah here.

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