chattra masala chai December 21 2014, 1 Comment

In India, chai is more than just a beverage. Sipping masala chai, usually in small glass cups, is a reason to gather, chat, just be with one another -- and is always offered when visiting friends or family. chattra’s masala chai recipe is my husband’s; born in northern India, he learned this milky and slightly spiced version from his mother. If you make it, please post your feedback and any notes on variations you attempted or know of. Enjoy! And happy holidays. 



In memory of Prakash Gill Grewal, my mother-in-law, b1936 (we think) - d2015.    Kind, compassionate, meditated daily, devoted to a spiritual life.  A true yogini.

-ann, chattra founder

chattra masala chai

For 1 cup, in a small sauce pan, combine:

    - 1 cup milk (we use non fat but any type works depending on your taste)

    - 1 cup water

    - 1-2 cardamon pods -- crack with your teeth to release flavor; green cardamon pods (you can buy them at Indian food shops) are the best

    - 1-2 cloves

    - 1.5” cinnamon stick

    cover and bring to boiling point without scalding

    add 2 tsps loose tea -- we use Lipton's Darjeeling

    simmer covered over medium heat for one minute

    remove from heat and let sit for 2 minutes

    strain, add chini (sugar) as desired

    enjoy with a bit of ghupshup (chitchat)

    for stronger chai, add more tea and/or simmer for longer

    Have patience, don't rush the process. Enjoy.